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Solo and Double Solo Exhibitions (selection)

Group Exhibitions (selection)


Studied fashion design in Japan and other subjects, e.g. copyright law

Worked as a teacher at an university in Kyoto and
event management in Tokyo and Kobe/Japan

Moved to Munich, Germany in 1987

       Founded and operated an advertising and PR agency, also worked as a computer graphic designer
       in own company, Munich, Germany until 2002.


       Painting studies

        Sumi-e (Japanese ink wash painting) with Hozan Matsumoto (1925—2010), Kobe, Japan, whose works
             are collecitons of the British Museum, London

       2003–2009 Atelierprojekt, Munich, Germany,
Stefan Moritz Becker (19582013), painting, color theory and material science;
        - Stefan Heide, lecturer at the Academy of Visual Arts Munich, Germany

Grants and Awards (selection)

Works in Collections (selection)

Projects (selection)

Glass Design Center Abate Zanetti is located in Murano/Venice. Famous glass manufacturing, glass artists live and work in Murano for centuries in Murano.

Glass Design Center Abate Zanetti, Murano/Venice,
since 1862

Castle Dachau, Germany

Toskanische Säulenhalle
(Tuscan Peristyle Art Hall)

Zeughaus, Augsburg, Germany

Hoisting of EU flag before the opening ceremony,

Castle Doorwerth, The Netherlands

Press / Media (selection)

Textfeld: Ausverkauft
Sold out

Books, Mayumi Yamakawa

Catalogues (selection)

Art magazine Spotlight 10,
Lyon, France, 2018

Exhibition catalogue R8, Veneto, Italy, 2018

Associazione di artisti independenti,
Dario Mellone Museum

Exhibition hall Casa dei Carrarsi,
historical royal house of the 15th centrury,
Treviso—Veneto, Italy

Dario Mellone Museum—Villa Rescalli Villoresi, Milan

Villa Brentano, Milan

Collective Exhibition,
Dario  Mellone Museum,
Milan, 2020

The Mall Galleries (Galleries of
Federation of British Artists), London
since 1971

Finalists catalogue 2020

1st Mellone Art Prize, Milan

„The day after—Hirosihma in 1945“

Collective Exhibition „Cellurer Structures“, during the Autumn Festival, Milan




Optical Art





Fall Harvest



Inspired by
Yayoi Kusama




Pantone color
of the year 2021

Private collection





Inspiration of
Banett Newman

Your work has been chosen to feature in our collections


Members annual exhibition, Municipal Gallery, Dachau, Germany


Collective Exhibition, „LIMINAL PLACES“, Dario Mellone Foundation and Museum, Milan, Italy


Castle Exhibition (held since 1919), Dachau Castle, Germany (30 out of 180 artists)


Collective Exhibition „IDENTITY“, Dario Mellone Foundation and Museum, Milan, Italy


Collective Exhibition „City of the future“, Dario Mellone Foundation and Museum, Milan, Italy


Collective Exhibition „Cellurer Structures“, Dario Mellone Foundation and Museum, Milan, Italy


Finalists exhibition, Premio Arti Visuali—10 Edizione (1st Mellone Art Prize), Dario Mallone Museum—Dario Mellone Foundation and Museum, Milan, Italy


Collective Exhibition „Men of Street Art“, Villa Brentano, Milan, Italy


Collective Exhibition, Villa Brentano and Dario Mallone Museum —Villa Rescalli Villoresi, Milan,


„ACQUA – L’elemento primordiale visto dall’Arte“, Dario Mellone Foundation and Museum, Milan, Italy


"Abstract—Opera Astratta", Dario Mellone Foundation and Museum, Milan, Italy


R8. Ottava Rassegna di Arte Contemporanea (contemporary art exhibition),
Casa dei Carrarsi, Treviso—Veneto, Italy.
  Curator: Daniel Buso (Art historian) 


11. ARTIK, Günzburg, Germany


L.A. Center for Contemporary Digital Art, Los Angeles


Finalists exhibitions of The 3rd Derwent Art Prize, The Mall Galleries (Galleries of Federation of British Artists), London; On tour, Trowbridge Arts, UK (Sept.– Nov.)


Castle Exhibition (held since 1919), Dachau Castle, Germany (catalogue)


Castle Exhibition, with 14 guest artists from Brazil, South Africa, Russia and Paraguay, Dachau Castle, Germany                                                                               


Arts Organization Projekt30, Florida


Municipal Gallery, Neue Galerie Dachau, Germany


Tour exhibition "sidestep“, with Professional Artists Association BBK Augsburg, Germany
    Toskanische Säulenhalle
(Tuscan Peristyle Art Hall) of Zeughaus, Augsburg and
    Schlossausstellung (
Castle exhibition), Dachau Castle, Germany         


"Still Point V“, Still Point Art Gallery, USA


Gallery Galerie im Alten Rathaus, Prien at Chiemsee, Germany (EuroArt)


European Art Exhibition (24 artists) „Look, see, express“, Museum Veluwezoom in
Kasteel Doorwerth (Castle Doorwerth) , the Netherlands (EuroArt)


"Still Point IV“, Still Point Art Gallery, USA


"White“ and "Open“ respectively, Arts Organization Projekt30, Florida since 2012


Arts Organization Projekt30, New York City


"Memory Box“, Braunstein/Quay Gallery, San Francisco


"Still Point III“, Still Point Art Gallery, USA


Contemporary drawings (online), Royal Academy of Arts, London


European Art Triennale "7th FURAMENT", (27 Foundations from 10 countries),
Papeblok Centre + Nettenberg Hall, Tervuren/Brussels, Belgium (EuroArt)


Galerie der KVD (municipal gallery), Dachau, Germany


Gallery Vie, Kobe, Japan


“7th Schildersweek—In het licht van Walcheren”: 7th Int‘l Painters Week, the Netherlands
(25 artists from 10 European, North and South American countries), Gallery Duingalerie,
Stichtung Art & Performance, the Netherlands (EuroArt)


Climate Gallery (merged into DK Gallery since June), NYC


Galerie der KVD (municipal gallery), Dachau, Germany


Climate Gallery, NYC


Gallery Vie, Kobe, Japan


"VIP Members 2009“, APW Gallery, NYC


Dankeskirche, as part of the Munich International City Festival, Munich, Germany


Municipal cultural center, Kulturhaus München, Munich, Germany


Gallery Kleine Altstadtgalerie, as a part of the 100th anniversary of KVD (Professional Artists assosication since 1919), Germany


Altomünster Museum, Germany


Municipal Cultural Center of Munich, Kunstforum Arabellapark, Munich, Germany


Municipal gallery Dachauer Kulturschranne, Dachau, Germany


Cultural Center of the Hyogo Prefecture (State), Kobe, Japan


Municipal Cultural Center, Kulturhaus Milbertshofen München, Munich, Germany



SinpioneNews, BeBeez, Logonews, VN Agenda



LegnanoNews,, Arte.go, mi-lorenteggio



Newspapaer Trevisotoday



Süddeutsche Zeitung (nationwide newspaper), (since 2010)



Daily newspapaer, Münchner Merkur (since 2010)



NHK and Kobe Newspaper



Collective Exhibition „Cellurer Structures“, Milan



Finalists, Premio Arti Visuali—10 Edizione (1st Mellone Art Prize), Milan



R8, 2018



„IDENTITY“ and „City of the future“, Milan, 2022



100th anniversary of KVD (Professional Artists Assosication), Germany, 2019



Schlossausstellung (Castle Exhibtion), 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2019



Art magazine Spotlight No. 10, circle art foundation, Lyon, France, 2018


the Netherlands

Museum Veluwezoom, Kasteel Doorwerth (Castle Doorwerth), 2013



7th Schildersweek 2010



The European Art Triennale, „7de FURAMENT“, 2011


Finalist, Premio Arti Visuali—10 Edizione (1st Mellone Art Prize), Foundatione Dario Mellone, Milan, Italy. Selection Committee: Prof. of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan


Shortlist, The 3rd Derwent Art Prize, London Scroll down to „2016 Exhibitor Profile: Mayumi Yamakawa“
"2016 Selectors" : Top 2+ percent from more than 3,000 international submissions


Finalist, "Florence Shanghai Prize 2014", Italy/China


Gold medal at the glass art competition "Premio Murano 2013" during the 55th Venice Biennale, Venice.                                                                                             


"Artists of Distinction, 6th Art Magazine Award“, USA


Top 65 Award, Competition „Open“ (572 entries, 22 countries), Florida


3rd Art Magazine Award“ (9 from 129 artists), USA


Top 50 Award, Competition "Nature“ (500 entries, 16 countries), Florida


Stichting (Foundation) Art & Performance, The Netherlands (EuroArt)


Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. as a part of art assets of a gallery


Glass Design Center Abate Zanetti (since 1862), Venice, Italy


Fondazione (Foundation) Dario MelloneDario Mellone Museunm, Milan, Italy


Stichting (Foundation) Art & Performance, the Netherlands (EuroArt)


Assosiazione di Artisti Indipendenti (Independent Artist Association), the operational arm of
Dario Mellone Museum
, Milan, Italy


County Administration Office, Dachau, Germany


Art collections of Dachau city, Germany


Helios Amper-Klinikum AG (Hospital), Dachau, Germany


Various private art collections in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Italy, USA, UK, Romania, Luxenbourg and Japan

2021   Autumn Fair as part of the City Festival Busto Garolfo, Dario Mellone Museum, Milan, Italy

2018   Art magazine Spotlight No. 10—“Featured Artists“, circle art foundation, Lyon, France

          Outsider Art Fair, Metropolitan Pavilion, New York

2017   Collaborative works of an installation of Michael Landy (Royal Academician), Athens, Greece.  
Joining to his project was asked by his gallery, UK

Collaborative works of the video installation "Your Views" of Gillian Wearing (Turner Prize winner, an OBE* and Royal Academician)


    2017 Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen, Germany

    2016 University of Brighton Gallery, as a part of the Brighton Festival, UK

    2015 Institut Valencià d'Art Modern (IVAM), Valencia, Spain

    2014 NOWNESS, New York City

    2013, 2014 TV film projects, Channel 4 in the UK

    OBE: The "Most Excellent Order of the British Empire", rewards, among others, contributions to arts and sciences.


Lecturer at the 4th Summer Academy, Dachauer Forum, Germany


Lecturer at the Cultural Center, Markt Indersdorf, Germany


Art Book Project "New York City“, NYC