Optical Art



Fall Harvest



Inspired by
Yayoi Kusama




Pantone color
of the year 2021

Private collection



Inspiration of
Banett Newman


Mayumi Yamakawa

Haimhauser Str. 23
D-85241 Hebertshausen*           

*Hebertshausen is located suburbs Munich.
Hebertshausen liegt in der Nähe von München

EuroArt (As of Feb. 2021)
(European Federation of Artists´ Colonies, Europäische Vereinigung der Künstlerkolonien, Fédération Européenne des Villages d‘ Artistes)


Under the auspices of the European Parliament in 1994, the European Federation of Artists´ Colonies (EuroArt) was officially founded. The organization comprises 75 artists‘ colonies in 21 European countries (as of September 2013), among them the artists‘ association Künstlervereinigung Dachau e.V.


Artists‘ Colonies overview



· Honorable membership, Independent artist of Dario Mallone Museum, Milan, Italy

· Menmer of KVD, Professional Artists‘ Association for many yeras, Germany.
One of
the oldest artists‘ associations in Europe, established in 1919.

· Art agent Singulart, Paris, 2020—2024

· Saatchi Art

· Other organizations, 2010—2021
MoMA Artist Membership (The Museum of Modern Art) and others in New York, London etc.

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June, 2023


I left Singulart in July 2024 and artworks there moved to the link below.

Studio Direct Sales - Under 1000


Ich habe Singulart im Juli 2024 verlassen und die Kunstwerke dort wurden unter dem unten stehenden Link verschoben.



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